HOG Cannabis Co. and Yield Distribution's Synergetic Partnership

Isabel  Maier
Mar 11, 2024By Isabel Maier

HOG Cannabis Co. and Yield Distribution's Synergetic Partnership Envisions a Greener Michigan

Detroit, MI – 3/11/24 – HOG Cannabis Company and Yield Distribution proudly announce a strategic partnership aimed at redefining Michigan's flourishing cannabis industry.

HOG Cannabis Co., led by US Army veterans Emily and Jay Elms, took root in Rockford, Michigan where they established their first cutting-edge 9100 square foot cultivation facility . Following that implementation, they designed and built Rogue Chemistry next to HOG; their processing facility. Continuing their footprint, they then established HOG East- a 7200 sq ft indoor cultivation facility with a retail front- located in Belding Michigan.

HOG's team of legacy farmers is dedicated to cultivating pure, terpene full cannabis strains. The Elms family, deeply connected to the Rockford community, has actively engaged in patient advocacy and community development.

"We at HOG Cannabis Co. are excited to partner with Yield Distribution, a company that shares our commitment to excellence and innovation in the cannabis industry," says Emily Elms. "This collaboration allows us to expand our reach and bring our locally grown, premium cannabis products to a broader audience across Michigan."

Yield Distribution, established in 2023, specializes in comprehensive sales and marketing solutions for Michigan's cannabis businesses. With a focus on demand planning, data-driven insights, and strategic retail partnerships, Yield Distribution has played a pivotal role in the evolution of Michigan's cannabis market.

"Yield Distribution is excited to join forces with HOG Cannabis, a recognized leader in the Michigan cannabis community," says Aaron Lanctot, CEO of Yield Distribution. "This collaboration represents a powerful synergy of our sales & distribution expertise and HOG's cultivation excellence, further establishing a new level of quality, innovation, and retail service to the market."

In a significant addition to this collaboration, HOG's concentrate company, Rogue Chemistry, known for processing premium craft concentrates and edibles, will be integrated into Yield Distribution's portfolio. Rogue Chemistry operates under pharmaceutical standards, ensuring the production of the highest quality cannabis concentrate products.

This partnership represents a fusion of industry expertise, innovation, and a shared commitment to providing consumers unparalleled access to high-quality cannabis products. Both HOG Cannabis Company and Yield Distribution are excited about the transformative potential of this collaboration as they collectively contribute to shaping the future of Michigan's cannabis landscape.

For more information on Yield Distribution and HOG, please visit www.yielddistro.com & www.hogcannabisco.com.

About Yield Distribution: Founded in 2023, Yield Distribution has rapidly emerged as the premier cannabis distributor in Michigan. Led by a team of professional enthusiasts with years of collective experience in the cannabis industry, Yield Distribution is dedicated to providing consumers with unparalleled access to high-quality cannabis products. Their commitment to excellence, combined with an extensive distribution network, has positioned Yield Distribution at the forefront of shaping the future of the cannabis market in Michigan.

About HOG:  HOG Cannabis Company is dedicated to crafting small-batch, premium medical, and adult-use cannabis strains, ensuring meticulous attention to detail and a hands-on approach. The focus on top quality, small batches allows for a level of craftsmanship that prioritizes purity over quantity. The HOG team guarantees consistency in top quality in every detail, and a commitment to providing Michigan’s cannabis consumers with the very best products.


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