🌾Welcome to the Yield Distro Retail Partners Page!🌾

Thank You, Retail Partners! We appreciate your dedication and partnership. This page is your hub for accessing all the resources we've designed to support your success.

What You'll Find Here:

Credit Reports Submission:
Easily upload your credit reports in one convenient spot. Simply upload your documents below, and we will coordinate with your brand partners to apply it to your next order.

Yield Guides Program Event Requests:
Looking for support to boost product visibility at your store? Request an event with our participating brands right here.


Retailer Credit Report Upload

Retailers, Upload Your Credit Reports for Promotions and Vendor Days Here!


Request an event from participating brand partners. Events available for Vapin Ape, Butter, Peachy, Bloom, Treetown, Terple Gang, Northern Lights, Goldkine, and Emerald Canning Partners Beverages.