No Ghosting Here – Yield Distribution Adds Ghost to MI Portfolio

Dec 13, 2023

No Ghosting Here – Yield Distribution Adds Ghost to MI Portfolio

Detroit, Michigan – 12/13/23 – Ghost Cannabis, a distinguished artisan cultivator with roots dating back to the Michigan Caregiver days, has entered into a transformative partnership with Yield Distribution, creating a dynamic duo in Michigan's cannabis sales & distribution scene. Together, they aim to grow Ghost’s presence throughout the State of Michigan by spotlighting Ghost’s pioneering deep water culture growing methods.

Ghost's focus on deep water culture growing methods has become a hallmark of the brand. This commitment to cultivation innovation allows Ghost to produce cannabis products that stand out for their purity and quality. The partnership with Yield Distribution, founded earlier this year, reflects a shared vision of bringing high-quality, uniquely cultivated cannabis products to consumers across Michigan.

The Ghost Team, emphasized the brand's commitment to authenticity and excitement about the partnership, stating, "Ghost has remained a family-owned and true-to-roots brand. We cultivate in 100% water, and our facility is free from dirt, coco, and other synthetic soils.  This represents a unique approach in the industry, setting us apart.  We are incredibly excited about our partnership with Yield Distribution. This collaboration represents the convergence of two Michigan-owned businesses, both deeply rooted in commitment to excellence, innovation, and the vibrant spirit of our great state.”

Yield Distribution has quickly earned a stellar reputation as one of Michigan's premier cannabis distributors, driven by a team of seasoned professionals with extensive experience in the cannabis industry. The company is dedicated to providing Michigan retailers & consumers access to top-tier cannabis products. With the addition of Ghost, they continue to bolster their elite family of brands.

Aaron Lanctot, CEO of Yield Distribution, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, "We couldn’t be more excited about our partnership with Ghost Cannabis. What makes this collaboration so special is the shared commitment to our Michigan roots and a passion for delivering quality experiences to our local community. Ghost's dedication to cultivating exceptional products aligns perfectly with our vision at Yield Distribution. This partnership is about more than just cannabis – it's a partnership built on authenticity and a genuine enthusiasm for enhancing the cannabis experience.”

The collaboration between Ghost and Yield Distribution promises to be transformative, offering consumers not only access to high-quality products, but also a unique and pioneering cultivation method. 

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About Ghost Cannabis: Ghost Cannabis is a Michigan-based artisan cultivator with a rich history dating back to the Michigan Caregiver days. Remaining family-owned and committed to original cultivation techniques, Ghost sets itself apart as a legacy brand, pioneering deep water culture growing methods to produce high-quality cannabis products.

About Yield Distribution: Founded in 2023, Yield Distribution has hit the Michigan market by storm, making a name for themselves as the premier cannabis distributor in Michigan. Led by a team of professional enthusiasts with years of experience in the cannabis industry, the team is dedicated to providing consumers with access to high-quality cannabis products. With an extensive distribution network and a commitment to excellence, Yield Distribution is at the forefront of shaping the future of the cannabis market.


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