Yield Distribution & Exotic Matter Spark a Dynamic Partnership in 2024

Feb 26, 2024By Isabel Maier
Isabel  Maier

Yield Distribution & Exotic Matter Spark a Dynamic Partnership in 2024

Detroit, MI – 2/26/24 – In another strategic move to push the cannabis landscape forward in Michigan, Yield Distribution has announced a transformative partnership with Exotic Matter, a world class Michigan cultivator heralded for its unwavering commitment to growing, preserving and sharing unparalleled cannabis genetics.

Exotic Matter's journey spans over a decade, characterized by an unyielding passion for finding, growing, and breeding the most extraordinary cannabis strains worldwide. As a tight-knit group of friends and family, Exotic Matter has navigated the diverse landscapes of cultivation, from closets and apartments to expansive outdoor farms. The company's ethos revolves around a dedication to quality and flavor, prioritizing the hands-on care and attention that each plant deserves. With a Strain Library boasting over 100 genetic varieties, Exotic Matter stands as a testament to the marriage of expertise and love for the craft.

The heart of Exotic Matter's cultivation lies in their smaller, flavor-focused indoor facility featuring 54 lights – a deliberate departure from larger, yield-centric production models. Their commitment to a hands-on approach ensures that each strain receives the meticulous care required to unlock its full potential. The Flavor Farm, Exotic Matter's outdoor cultivation site, nestled on an ancient glacial riverbed leading to the Manistee River and Lake Michigan, adds a unique terroir to their strains. This terroir, enriched over a century of family care, imparts distinctive resin and flavor characteristics, making Exotic Matter a true pioneer in the industry.

Complementing this legacy, Yield Distribution emerged in 2023 as a powerhouse in Michigan's cannabis scene. Fueled by a team of CPG experts & passionate industry professionals, Yield Distribution has swiftly earned a reputation as the go-to partner for distributing and marketing high-quality cannabis products. Their commitment to excellence is manifested through an extensive distribution network that places them at the forefront of shaping the future of Michigan's cannabis market.

Together, Yield Distribution and Exotic Matter are poised to evolve the cannabis wholesale experience for Michigan retailers. The partnership combines Exotic Matter's exceptional genetics and flavor-focused cultivation techniques with Yield Distribution's expertise in selling and marketing world class cannabis products to retailers. This collaboration aims to set a new standard for excellence in Michigan's burgeoning cannabis market.

Yield Distribution’s Chief Marketing Officer, Isabel Maier, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership: "Our collaboration with Exotic Matter is like crafting the perfect smoke circle with like-minded friends. Michigan retailers can prepare for an unbelievable lineup of premium cannabis treats! We're diving into this adventure, ready to blaze a trail in the market."

The Exotic Matter team echoed the sentiment: "Yield Distribution's strategic approach and family values align perfectly with what we're about as people and cultivators. We're excited for this partnership to expand our reach and allow us to focus on our passion of creating unique cannabis flavors and experiences for the Michigan community."  

For more information on Yield Distribution and Exotic Matter, please visit www.yielddistro.com & www.exoticmatter.com 

About Yield Distribution: Founded in 2023, Yield Distribution has rapidly emerged as the premier cannabis distributor in Michigan. Led by a team of professional enthusiasts with years of collective experience in the cannabis industry, Yield Distribution is dedicated to providing consumers with unparalleled access to high-quality cannabis products. Their commitment to excellence, combined with an extensive distribution network, has positioned Yield Distribution at the forefront of shaping the future of the cannabis market in Michigan.

About Exotic Matter: Exotic Matter is a world class Michigan cultivator with a mission to find, share, create, and preserve the rarest and most unique cannabis strains. With over 100 genetic varieties in their Strain Library, Exotic Matter is committed to quality and flavor, cultivating in smaller, flavor-focused facilities.


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