Yield Distribution Joins Forces with TreeTown in Michigan

Dec 05, 2023

Detroit, MI – 12/4/23 – Yield Distribution, a leader in Michigan's cannabis sales and distribution landscape, has announced the addition of TreeTown to its family of brands. TreeTown, renowned for its fruity crispies, infused brownies, tinctures, and gummies, brings its commitment to delivering a high-quality and diverse portfolio to the partnership. TreeTown joins the rapidly growing portfolio of world-class cannabis brands represented by Yield in Michigan.

TreeTown is recognized for its mission to provide delicious, consistent, safe, and attractively packaged cannabis-infused products. The Michigan-based brand operates from a world-class facility, incorporating industry-leading practices into its processes while staying true to the essence of the cannabis business.

"At Yield Distribution, our mission is to provide our retail partners with world-class service and an expanded range of choices, all while elevating the quality of our portfolio offerings. The addition of TreeTown exemplifies a collaborative effort focused on prioritizing excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction," said Aaron Lanctot, CEO of Yield Distribution.

TreeTown's steadfast commitment to excellence and consistent product quality, branding, and product development align seamlessly with our values, ensuring a positive and enriching experience for provisioning centers and patients alike. TreeTown's reputation for crafting premium cannabis-infused baked goods is built on its dedication to maintaining the core principles of the cannabis industry, creating a blend of craftsmanship and innovation.

Patrick Kinney, Founder and CEO of TreeTown, went on to say, "We couldn’t be more excited about teaming up with Yield Distribution. This partnership represents an exciting chapter for TreeTown, as it perfectly aligns with our mission to provide top-tier cannabis products. Yield Distribution's commitment to our collaboration and customer satisfaction aligns seamlessly with our values. We look forward to a synergistic relationship that will enhance the cannabis experience for consumers throughout Michigan."

Yield Distribution remains committed to advancing the consumer experience and providing provisioning centers with a diverse selection of top-tier products. The addition of TreeTown to their portfolio reinforces their position as a leading player in Michigan's evolving cannabis market.

For more information about Yield Distribution and its expanding portfolio, please visit www.yielddistro.com.

About Yield Distribution: Founded in 2023, Yield Distribution has hit the Michigan market by storm, making a name for themselves as the premier cannabis distributor in Michigan. Led by a team of professional enthusiasts with years of experience in the cannabis industry, the team is dedicated to providing consumers with access to high-quality cannabis products. With an extensive distribution network and a commitment to excellence, Yield Distribution is at the forefront of shaping the future of the cannabis market.

About TreeTown: TreeTown is a respected brand known for its cannabis-infused baked goods, tinctures, and gummies. With a mission to deliver delicious, consistent, safe, and attractively packaged products, TreeTown combines expertise in processing, packaging, dosing, and product development to provide a positive cannabis experience.


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